Biography – short version

148-1fot. Jarek Pępkowski
 Krzysztof Pełech – a member of the worldwide elite circle of classical guitarists. He is one of the most active musicians of his generation (born 1970), Krzysztof Pełech performs extensively both as chamber musician and soloist with chamber and symphony orchestras. He has played in, among others, Germany (Berlin Philharmonic), US, Brazil, Mexico, Republic of South Africa, Egypt, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Mexico, Argentina and Chile, enjoying co-operations with outstanding composers and guitarists (including Jorge Morel, Jorge Cardoso, Joscho Stephan, Carlos Pinana and Tommy Emmanuel).

He has won the rank of the best Polish classical guitarist three times in a ‘Guitar Top’ survey run by Gitara i Bas monthly.
Krzysztof Pełech is the co-founder of Wrocław Guitar Society and artistic director of Wrocław Guitar Festival Gitara+. He is also one of the creators of International Guitar Summer Courses in Krzyżowa (Kreisau). Since October 2005 he has run a guitar class at the Bydgoszcz Academy of Music, where he received Ph.D. in art.


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